Shipment of forage in South of Greenland

60° North Greenland ApS works as a link between forage, fertiliser etc. in Denmark and the agriculture in Greenland. For this purpose a ship that covers the needs of the agriculture is chartered every year, equivalent to the amount of 1.800 – 2.000 m tons pallets.

The loading takes place in Thyborøn, where the products are loaded with a crane. Here the products go through a quality check, and samples of forage and fertilizers are taken. Click and see the gallery for pictures:

After loading the ship sails to South of Greenland, where the complicated process of delivery takes place.

The delivery to each shepherd and farmer happens like this: the ship is sailed to the shepherd/farmer as close by as possible, then the gangway vessel takes care of the final delivery to the customer:


The shipment of forage has the past two decades been specialised, and undergoes an evaluation every year along with customers and unions to ensure a high quality and level of service.